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The CONP is constructing a resilient network of platforms, where some data (when of reasonable size) could be mirrored across Canadian infrastructures. We also are working on how to describe pipelines in a standard way and see how metadata of datasets can be used to suggest pipelines with standard descriptors. The CONP is proposing a place for scientists to search for tools adapted to a specific type of data.



Longitudinal multimodal study of pre-symptomatic Alzheimer Disease.
Data used in preparation of this article were obtained from the Pre-symptomatic Evaluation of Novel or Experimental Treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease (PREVENT-AD) program. (Breitner et al., 2016 & Tremblay-Mercier, Madjar, et al., 2019)

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Multicenter Single Human MRI Phantom

Human Brain phantom scans, Multiple MRI scans of a single human phantom over 11 years, T1 weighted images and others on 13 scanner in 6 sites accross North America.

McGill Center for Integrative Neuroscience (MCIN)

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